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Please select your server before "add to cart"

Currency: Your server:
Pay any amount - Not in price list, the unit price is : ( USD$ 0.100000 / )
Fill in numbers only   Bonus VIP rewards  You can get
Quantity.:   + + =  
(Quantity you filled in)×(Unit price)= Amount:
There is $5 minimum amount limiting, orders less than $5 are not allowed.
Orders less than $10 will be charged 10% ~ 50% fee, deducted from the quantity
Bonus ranks
Amount (USD$) ≤6 ≤7 ≤8 ≤10 ≤13 ≤15
Bonus (%) -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 None

Pay any amount without in price list

 The unit price is $0.1 , If you want to pay $123.4, Please fill 1234 into  the "Quantity"


In this page, you can pay any amount for special price that without in price list
such as: Your desired quantity is not in price list / bonus into discount 

The computational formula is:
"The quantity you fill in" = (the quantity you want to buy) × (the amount in price list) ÷ (the quantity in price list)
Such as: If 550K=$74.80 in price list, but your want to buy 518K,
Please pay: 518×74.8÷550=$70.4, so you have to fill in: 704
Or you can ask  us to get "The quantity we will deliver" by your amount