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 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 1000 K Gold   $126.10
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 950 K Gold   $120.41
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 900 K Gold   $114.66
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 850 K Gold   $108.84
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 800 K Gold   $102.96
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 750 K Gold   $97.01
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 700 K Gold   $91.00
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 650 K Gold   $84.50
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 600 K Gold   $78.00
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 550 K Gold   $71.50
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 500 K Gold   $65.00
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 450 K Gold   $58.50
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 400 K Gold   $52.00
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 350 K Gold   $45.50
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 300 K Gold   $39.00
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 250 K Gold   $32.50
 .WOW-USA-Gold  - 200 K Gold   $26.00

WoW gold, buy cheap WoW gold

World of Warcraft -US server 

Ways to Make Lots of WoW gold

        In World of Warcraft gold is the currency and so players want to find ways to maximize the gold they earn in the game. There are some tips you can follow in order for you to get the WoW gold you need as quickly as possible.
        The first one is to stock up on the gold finder gear. Almost every slot can have the Gold Find statistics so try equipping this stat into each piece possible. Do not be concerned about improving the Blacksmith early on as it is a huge gold sink and you will not be able to get much advantage until layer so you should spend your money in the AH on this gear.
        The second trick to making a lot of gold in the game would be stocking up on magic find gear. Like the first technique, the Magic find stat can be outfitted to almost any slot so make sure to load up on it if you prefer trying your hand at the AH. Stick to selling those hot items such as the gold find and magic find items, wizard items, bonus experience items and many others.
        Another trick is to never pick up junk because it has little worth of your money. When picking up junk white or gray items, your bag will become fuller faster. When your bag fills up fast, you will have to make more trips to town and with more trips made, the less time you will be spending in getting gold. You can carry out some tests if you want but it is proven that you will be able to make more World of Warcraft gold if you do not pick the junk up.
        The last and final method to make a lot of WoW gold http://www.cuingame.com/ would be to look for sellers online where you can spend or invest real money for virtual goods such as gold. This helps you avoid farming and crafting that often takes most of your time.

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