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Home > Game Currency > Star Wars: The Old Republic -USA > Select Server > Satele Shan-Empire
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 Satele Shan-Empire  - 200 Bilion Credits   $5900.40
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 100 Bilion Credits   $2965.10
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 80 Bilion Credits   $2384.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 50 Bilion Credits   $1490.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 30 Bilion Credits   $894.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 20 Bilion Credits   $596.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 18 Bilion Credits   $536.40
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 15 Bilion Credits   $447.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 14 Bilion Credits   $417.20
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 13 Bilion Credits   $387.40
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 12 Bilion Credits   $357.60
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 11 Bilion Credits   $327.80
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 10 Bilion Credits   $298.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 8 Bilion Credits   $238.40
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 5 Bilion Credits   $149.00
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 3 Bilion Credits   $89.40
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 2 Bilion Credits   $59.60
 Satele Shan-Empire  - 1 Bilion Credits   $29.80

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