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Q: After I send the money successfully to your account, how do I receive the gold I ordered?

A: We guarantee most of the game can be delivered in 15 minutes. After we received your payment, you just need to stay in game for a sec and we’ll send you a message in game soon. If this game has been out of stock, then we will prepare for the stock for you and we’ll mark your order as an urgent one, we can promise you that your order will never be delivered above 24 hours.


Q: I choose the Auction house method, but I didn’t put the Auction items in the comment, what should I do?

A: You can come to our live 7/24 live chat to tell our representatives the AH items. After that we’ll mark the items on your order and we’ll buy the items as soon as we can.


Q: Someone asks me return gold just after I received it, how do I do?

A: We will NEVER ask you to give back the delivered gold for any reason under any circumstances. Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be We be careful of the in game scammers!


Q: I want to deliver the gold through in-game mail and you guys insist to deliver through face to face. I just want to deliver via in-game mail.

A: We will do exactly what delivery type you selected. But sometimes to deliver via in-game mail will be much more risky. The game master may take your game currency away, if you insist us to deliver via in-game mail and the gold has been taken from GM, then cuingame won’t take responsibilities for that.


Q: I have already sent the payment, where do we meet in game? 

A:since for the different game and server the tade place always changing, we can promise you that we'll log in the game in a short time and get the transaction done in 15 minutes, you just need to stay in game for a second and we'll send you a message to tell you where to go in game. If you have any further problems you can go to our 7/24 live-help.


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