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Home > FIFA 15 Coins > Select the type of delivery
For FIFA 15, we have 3 types of delivery and price, please select one to apply for your order.
[Delivery type] Type-1: Account
(With coins pre-filled)
Type-2: Authorize
(Comfort trade)
Type-3: Market
(Player auction)
[Vivid words] We give you accounts We log in your account We buy your players
[Applicable] Specified coins & points More than USD$20 Little orders
[Features] You have to self-transfer Save your time No need give account
[Estimated time] In minutes Slow Middle
[Price] Low Relatively high Middle
[Requirements] Transfer coins ASAP Need coins as seed Apply for small order

Delivery type explain

Type-1-Account:  We will give you accounts with the coins you bought, You have to transfer coins to your own account by yourself.
Suitable for : Numerous order,you require huge coins 10m, 20m, 50m coins or more .
Method : We have accounts with fixed amount coins , we will give the accounts information to you .You login account and transfer the coins by yourselves .
Features :

1. Quickly delivery ;

2. Cheaper price ;

3. You have to transfer the account's coins into your own account by youself .
Estimated Delivery time : 10 Mins ~ 20 Mins
Recommend : You Must transfer the coins in 16 Hours .

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 Type-2-Authorize : You have to give your account and password , we will login to fill with coins, save your time.
Suitable for : Moderate orders , better for required more than USD$20 .(less than 20$ order we will take 50% fee)
Method : You give us your account login , we will log in to recharge the coins manually .
Features :

1. It saves time on listing multiple players when you need a large quantity coins;
2. Receive full coins as your order , how much coins you order , how much we will recharge . ( For example : The remaining coins is 300K in your account , you place 1000K order , we will recharge 1000K into your account , the remaining coins will more than 1300K after order complete)
Estimated Delivery time : it will take 3 hours or more . Because we will log your accounts in console to recharge and there will be orders in the queue.
Suggestion : 1. Please reserved more than 50k coins in the account before order , will accelerate the recharge .
2. For maximum security , please temporary change a simple password before placing order ,after order done ,change back your password, it is necessary and important .

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Type-3-Market:  We will buy your Players or Club Items from in-game market , You have to list them in market.
Suitable for : Little orders , better for required less than USD$20 .
Method : You list Players or Club Items in the market , we buy them , you will received the coins .
Features :

1. No need your account information ;

2. More quick delivery than Type 1 ;

3. If you do not have enough coins to buy players , view here 
4. We do not cover 5% Transfer Tax , ( Such as : If you placed 100K order, you buy the player named Lewandowski [65K~100K] from market at first,and then sell him back for 100K Buy Now . After we buy it for 100K , you will get 30000 coins [ 100000×0.95-65000=30000 ] )
Estimated Delivery time : 15 Mins ~ 1 Hour
Suggestion :

1. Recommended players :  navas[1K~9K]   David silva [300~500k]    mats hummels [700k~1000k]
2. Set Start Price less than buynow price 3k, for example buynow 100k then set start price 97k , buynow 500k then set 497k as Start price;
3. Duration time for players : 12 hours is best



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