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       We are in China, based on millions of gold farmers, we will always keep bottom price around the world. as well as we still have 3 kinds of bonus and discounts for our customers:
       1. "Price list discount": There are different discount ranks in the price list, more quantity with more discount, up to 2~5% discount on the top of price list.
       2. "VIP rewards": Login to buy, we have VIP rewards for our memberships. After the total amount of your purchase reaches to required amount, you will receive the VIP rewards in all of your orders. The highest rank of VIP rewards is 5% bonus.
       3. "Name-Your-Own-Price": it is lower than buy now unit price, but no any discount and bonus.
       If you want to buy more gold, we suggest you login to place a "buy now" order to get "Big order discount" in the price list, and can also get "VIP rewards" double benefits. If you want to buy small order, you can pre-order by "Name-Your-Own-Price" to get one-time offer with lower price.

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FIFA coins to be 'emotional' experience

With the 2015 FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Brazil, FIFA coins fans around the world are immersed in football season. Many of them take to FIFA 15 coins and play the sport regularly. Then there are those who like to buy FIFA ultimate team coins - this is where EA Sports' FIFA series enters. Easily one of the most popular gaming brands in the world, EA Sports releases a new version of FIFA almost every year. It's last version, FUT coins, notched a score of  gaming website, Its next version, FIFA 15 coins, promises to be even better. Here's a preview of the new features from EA Sports' upcoming footballing extravaganza: Emotional intelligence One of the most exciting features in the FUT 15  coins series so far, emotional intelligence will enable each player in the game to react differently. As described on easports, every player will have "memories" and show "emotions" based on what's happening in a match. With 600 new emotional reactions of cheap FIFA coins, you will see your favourite player reacting in the way they do in real life. Dynamic match presentation A new and dynamic Match Day system will keep you involved in action on and off the pitch. Fan reactions, chants and atmosphere will be different in every ultimate team coins and stadium. Other features added are ball boy animations, reactions from the bench, and 10-man celebrations. Intelligence and team tactics Keeping the tactical side of the game in mind, this new feature in  buy FIFA 15 coins will enable your teammates and opponents to adjust their tactics depending on how the match progresses. Your opponent will take the ball to the corner flag to wind down the clock, there will be time-wasting and park the bus tactics to gain advantage. The idea is to give the user a more "human opponent". Incredible visuals Your favourite players will look more real. There will be a new level of detail in player faces. Apart from the facial reactions, the kits will move and change. And yes, the kits will get dirty as the match progresses. Living pitch This one is something completely different. In FIFA 15 coins, players' boots will leave marks on the pitch. The playing surface will change and wear down as the match goes on. A gameplay demo showed how the game tracks the footprints of all 22 players on the pitch. Sliding tackles, too, will leave their marks on the grass, making the game feel natural. Running on EA's Ignite engine, there are plenty more features that make FIFA 15 coins worth the wait. It's been announced to be released in September this year - kick-off is just a couple of months away.

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