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[FIFA 16 coins] - [Delivery type: Player Auction]
[FIFA 16 coins]: FIFA Ultimate Team coins / FUT coins / FIFA coins
[Delivery type: Player Auction]: We buy your players from in-game market. You have to list players by yourself.
[List 10K players]: When you list players in market, The buy now price are 10K
[List 100K+ players]: The buy now price must be more than 100K, when you list players in market
List 100K+ players is cheaper than List 10K players

[ FIFA 16 coins] - [Delivery type: Comfort trade]
[Delivery type: Comfort trade]: We log in your account to list players and transfer coins for you, save your time. You have to give your account and password.

FIFA coins , FIFA 15 coins, Ultimate Team coins, FUT 15 coins

FIFA coins , FIFA 16 coins, Ultimate Team coins, FUT 16 coins


Start your fifa 16 coins by choosing between 16 different formations. Choose wisely: the formation you pick will remain as your fifa coins throughout the series of matches. Will you pick a formation you
’re more familiar with or experiment with a formation you’ve never tried before buy cheap fifa coins? After picking your formation, it’s time to build your squad in fut coins. Your first player decision is picking a Captain from a set of five superstars. From there, fill out the rest of your 23-man squad by picking players for each position from a random draw of five players. You’ll be faced with interesting team building challenges: do you grab the best highest rated player in that position or focus on maximizing team Chemistry? Try different combinations to see what works best for fifa 16 coins. After selecting your starting XI, Bench, and Reserves you can then move players around to improve your Chemistry rating.
Any FUT player may show up in the draft, including Legends (only on Xbox) and current or previous special in-forms. With that kind of variety, the FUT 16 coins is a great opportunity for all gamers to try 
some of the best players in the game. Once you’re ready, it’s time to take your squad to the pitch and challenge opponents to compete in a four-match series. You can compete in single player or online 
against opponents across the globe. As you progress, you’ll earn better rewards, including fifa 16 coins, packs, and more. Win four matches in a row to earn the best fifa coins rewards possible!
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